IMPORTANT: Please note that from 7am till 10am certain roads will be closed off. Please ensure you leave in good time in order to arrive at the start race site by 6.00 am.


DATE: 21 May 2023.

TIME: The race starts at 7am (21.1k start at 7am, 5k – at 7.10am) and finishes at 10am. Please be aware that athletes finishing after 10am will be disqualified.

RACE COURSE MAPS: 21.1k and 5k. Water will be provided at every 5k mark. Isotonic drink and gels will be offered to 21.1k runners.


ALL AGES – from 18 to 39 

40-44 (UNDER 44)

45-49 (UNDER 49)

50-54 (UNDER 54)

55-59 (UNDER 59)

60-64 (UNDER 64)

65-69 (UNDER 69)

70-74 (UNDER 74)

75-79 (UNDER 79)

80 + (80 or older)         


5k distance

Male and female:

1 – 45,000.00 tenge

21.1k distance

All Ages (18- 39 y.o., male and female):

1 – 100,000.00 tenge

2 – 75,000.00 tenge

3 – 50,000.00 tenge

MEETING POINT: The Start/Finish Village is opposite IEC EXPO, Ave. Mangilik El, 53/1, Astana, Kazakhstan.

BIB NUMBERS: Please make sure all four safety pins are used. Please do not cover your bib with clothing, it should be on the front and clearly displayed. Do not bend or fold chip (glued to the back of your bib number). Please fill in all the necessary information on the back of your bib number.

Exchange or passing of the bibs to others is not allowed.

RUNNER’S MANUAL will be published closer to the race day.